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0.75 Carats Round Shaped Diamond Necklace Pendant

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White Gold 14K

Stone Name: DIAMOND
Stone Cut : Round
Stone Details : There is one round diamond approx. 0.75 carats. Natural earth mined diamond.
Approx. Age of Diamonds : Over a Billion years old
Place of Formation : At depths between 93 to 155 miles in the Earth mantle

Color : D
Clarity : VVS1
Total : Approx. 0.75 carats

Length : 16” (Can change length, please indicate about change with payment)
Overall Diameter : Approx. 1/4 Inch (6 mm)

Appraised Value : $3800.00
Comes with Certificate

All kind of customization and options available for Metals, Diamonds and sizes etc.
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