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3 Carat Radiant Sparkling Loose Diamonds Pair G Vvs1

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Approx. Weight : 1.50 carats each
Color : G
Clarity : VVS1
Polish : Very Good
Symmetry : Excellent
Fluorescence : None
Culet : None
Cut : Very Good

Options available :
approx. 0.50 carats each G VVS1 $2750.00
approx. 0.75 carats each G VVS1 $4750.00
approx. 1.00 carats each G VVS1 $8950.00
approx. 1.25 carats each G VVS1 $14500.00
approx. 2.00 carats each G VVS1 $28750.00

You can send us the mounting and we can install these for you free of charge. These come in various sizes so its important that we know exact dimensions you want and not just the weight. Or if you want us to do complete mounting we can do that as well. Also color and clarity information on other stones you would be using would be helpful in getting you the correct pair.
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