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Custom Diamond Bezel To Fit Rolex Datejust All Watch Models

SKU : 41736
Regular price $3,438.00 $0.00

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Diamond and Gemstone Bezels available for All kind of Watches.

We also add diamonds to watches.

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Custom diamond bezel to fit Rolex DateJust II watch for mens in 41mm case size
Metal : Stainless Steel
Gender : Mens
Case Size : 41mm
Clarity : VVS1
Color : F
With genuine sparkling round diamonds in Fine quality
Total diamond weight : Approx. 3.25 carats

Comes fully polished and ready to use. You may need help of a professional watch maker
to install this bezel who should be able to trim or shave inside of bezel if needed and
press it on the crystal.
We have diamond bezels available for all kind of watch models. 


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